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    Default Alembic

    Came across this RS article about Alembic

    and got me thinking about an Alembic emando. Although we've seen Alembic-like emandos, they've never actually built one have they? If they had made at least one I would have thought Martin would have an entry at Presumably they have been approached about building one, but perhaps declined? Anybody have any knowledge about them ever being approached and reasons for not building? Or maybe there are some secret Alembic emandos out there.

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    Default Re: Alembic

    I have a friend who has been working with Alembic, I'll ask about any E-mando output.
    Steve Lavelle
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    Default Re: Alembic

    Rick Turner was a member here awhile back; don't know if he still is.

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    Default Re: Alembic

    Well, it didn't come up in the conversations - guitars and basses, that's it. But who knows? The article makes them sound like they would be intrigued by the challenge of something new and different. I wouldn't be at all surprised if someone were to approach them with the notion of building a mandolin and was willing to pay whatever it would cost, they'd be into it. And it would probably sound phenomenal. When I hit the lottery, they'll be one of my first calls.
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    Default Re: Alembic

    Not sure I've ever come across an Alembic emando, but Stars Guitars (ex-Alembic employees) did make some mandolins. More than you wanted to know about electric mandolins.

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    Default Re: Alembic

    FWIW, The multi laminated Neck thru the body building technique was adopted by MC Member selling as Manndolins.

    maybe not a limited to what was already made to rare/nil, under the Alembic name , cache'..

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    Default Re: Alembic

    Alembic, wow!
    I have always been intrigued, and at one time, very close to buying one.
    Their gallery of instruments is wonderful.
    They may also use, depending on what model, active electronics, wonderful eqs, filters etc. phantom power of a sort to the instrument.

    and of course amazing LEDs in fingerboard and side markers, and as back lighting for amazing inlays, and
    rare and fabulous woods

    their basses are well regarded among those who can afford them.

    I wonder, if a mando, would sound like a mando, or simply, a lil guitar, ie above the twelfth fret ?

    one thing for certain, it would be a very stable instrument tuning-wise.

    the problem would be, price....bottom of the line seems around 3500, and its nothing to get into 5-10k with special features, or up to 25K for the top of the line model, but not with all the bells and whistles.
    at that point, and with the limitations (or similarities) of pups, I like the idea better than the reality.

    heres is a link to one that really was amazing, among many

    go to the custom archive for cool photos , and the other links-mind blowing

    I can see why someone could/would want a bespoke musical partner like an Alembic.
    I can see that the artistry might well be worth it, as they are unique.
    if you poke around the site, the options and indulgences are opulent, and remind me of, perhaps, the same type that orders a Rolls with inlaid diamonds and LED night sky in the headliner, gold champagne fountain in the back seat, etc

    the alembic bass I had for a short time, stock production, from GC after they no longer carried Alembic, and which was on close out, was a fine instrument, but it did not sound unique, and it was really heavy.
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    Default Re: Alembic

    Quote Originally Posted by mandroid View Post
    FWIW, The multi laminated Neck thru the body building technique was adopted by MC Member selling as Manndolins.
    Jonathan Mann, wonderful electric man(n)dolins!
    Pete Martin
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    Default Re: Alembic

    Here's my emando interpretation of their Skylark and I'm starting on a Tribute version for a cafe member next week. I really like their designs.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	koaa..jpg 
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    Default Re: Alembic

    Quote Originally Posted by thistle3585 View Post
    Here's my emando interpretation of their Skylark.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	koaa..jpg 
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    Beautiful looking mandolin there, Andrew!
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    Default Re: Alembic

    I am quite happy to admit that I own a beautiful "Skylark-Style" Andrew Jerman 5-String Mandolin nearly identical to the one that Andrew posted images of.
    It's a beautiful instrument and I've gotten it to a place where it's fun to play and sounds great.
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    It took some post-luthiery tweaking by a local expert (Rich Hoeg - the former Chief Luthier for Modulus) - but it's singing now...

    I play mostly swing jazz, boogie, blues and rock on it.

    I would imagine that an Alembic Mandolin would be an amazing collectors item but it would be crazy expensive.

    I would imagine that Alembic would concoct

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    Default Re: Alembic

    Here's some shots plus one that includes an 8 String LP model that Andrew also built.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Alembic

    I had a 1982 Alembic Spoiler bass that was one if the best basses I've ever owned. Would love to see an Alembic mando!
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