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Thread: Ode to Joy

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    Last night i got "Ode to Joy" from mandozine on one of there tab edit files. Its a very nice soundin tune but a little too simple.
    I added some stuff but i rather have a more complicated version. Anyone know where i can find one? Does anyone play this tune?

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    This is one of the most revolutionary works in the whole of western music. It's ironic to hear it described as "a little too simple" in knowing it was originally scored for the combined forces of a rather large orchestra and choir. Liszt arranged all the Beethoven symphonies for piano, but he felt obliged to arrange the ninth (from which came "Ode to Joy") for two pianos. With a little searching, you should be able to locate various arrangements made by various arrangers of all degrees of skill, from coarse to refined.

    I love Beethoven, but I think this is an excellent example of a work whose meaning can't really be represented by solo mandolin...or anything less than a large orchestra with choir. Anything less is likely to sound "too simple." While I'm not too keen to try such a thing, you should feel free to go right ahead and enjoy.

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