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Thread: Review of Bartlett Audio Mando Mic

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    Default Review of Bartlett Audio Mando Mic

    First let me start of by saying I don't even like electronic devices but have reached the conclusion that for me, they are a necessary part of performing. That being said they should make our lives easier not more aggravating. About 3 years ago I started looking for something that would make my mando sound louder but not different. In that period of time I have tried 2 different pickups and another clip on mic. Had issues with all of them. In April I bought a Bartlett Mandolin F Hole Mic. It works great. It would have been easy to write a review after using it one time but I have waited until it has been used 40 -50 times in a variety of situations to see if my initial enthusiasm would have changed or I discovered situations that I wouldn't recommend it for. That hasn't happened. I have used it in combinations ranging from a guitar - mando duo to full band with electric guitar and have been happy with it in every situation.
    Lately I have taken to recording gigs by sticking a small Tascam in from of the PA (Fishman 220) speaker I am really happy with how the mando sounds. Once in a while I will change the EQ in the mixer slightly but feel that is driven more by the room than the mic. No more trying to "EQ out the click noise". It sounds natural. The mic clips on so it takes about 5 seconds to install it and less than that to take it off if you are playing acoustic. It does need phantom power and has an XLR connector.
    As for customer service, I never have seen anyone better. Shipping on the mic took 2 days to get across country and any questions are answered immediately.
    No I don't have any financial interest in this company. Just a very happy user that appreciates all I have learned from the Cafe and would like to pass on a positive experience.

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