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    My dad passed away 2 1/2 years ago, and my mom is finally cleaning out the house. After watching the Bristol 500 tonight, I was helping her do some things and offered to take a box of stuff out to her car for her. In there was my old albums I bought when in high school back in the 79-82....Alabama, Statler Bothers, Rickie Scaggs, Willie, Oak Ridge boys...yeah, i wasn't the run of the mill rocker back then.....Also in there was the Johnny Cash Album i found in the woods behind our Manassas Dr house in Virginia. I was about 9. I wore that album out. I went ahead and pulled that one out to keep. ok, now comes the good part, also in the box that I pulled out was Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys "Play Requests" album that I had listened to my dad play for hours on end when I was young, and back then living in northern Virginia, we would travel back "home" to Richlands where dad grew up. He would point out Clinch Mountain and tell me the story where he had sat on the porch as a little boy listening to Ralph when Ralph was just a teen or nearly 20. So I had to pull that album out and keep it. Got home to show my wife, and saw it was signed by Ralph and two others....I was so excited about Ralph's autograph I didn't pay attention to the other two....She immediately saw Keith Whitley and we were able to make out Renfro Proffit!!! How cool is that!! All three of these great musician autographs on one album cover. I had to call mom and tell her and she had no idea those were on the back. Sure glad I looked into the box!! I'm going to frame this album. Just thought I'd share my excitement with friends...

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    Wow, from Richlands to Manassas. That's about as far as you can move in the state of Virgina, culturally if not physically. From the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, to Washington DC, to Lee County, there is more diversity in Virgina than a lot of much larger states.
    Great find! I'd keep all of 'em!

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    Yes, you are right. We left Manassas in 1977 to South Louisiana. Sure miss the old dominion. I still go back every couple of years to visit cuz's. Yes, I'm going back to claim my other albums. And I will NEVER part from Stanley album. priceless!

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    Driving through Virgina back in '92, me & my work colleague that i was over in the US with,drove through Manassas. I thought that it was so cool that they'd named a town after a band like that !. A great band while they lasted as well,
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    I would be just as excited as you with that find. I can't find an LP of Ralph Stanley when Keith Whitley was with him, let alone an autographed one. Good find.
    Paul Josey

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    How Cool is that !

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