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    Just announcing the launch of my website, The Celtic Mandolin ( Should be of interest to mandolin enthusiasts.

    Most of what will appear there over the coming months will be free, but there will
    also be very useful resources for the developing player. Currently there are three books supported by nearly 200 audio files.

    The free stuff will include a tune of the month that will include a complete set of resources, audio files, notation and tablature, and tutorial notes. See the site for details of how this new type of tutorial works.

    Throughout the summer months - and beyond - I will be posting free 'slow session'
    audio files for the beginner. This is designed as a contribution to the work of the Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, but should be useful to anyone going to slow sessions.

    I will also post free tracks of my own on a fairly regular basis. These may include recordings from some of my older projects, work with my students and, not least,
    my own dabblings in recording, arranging, and even composing music influenced by
    the Celtic scene.

    This is what my old friend Nigel Gatherer says about my project:

    "Over many years I have assessed a lot of books and other resources for learning
    mandolin and, like anything else, there are good ones and rather awful ones and
    everything in between. Clachan Music's new on-line course sets a new standard, and
    I would recommend it to anyone who is about to begin their musical journey with
    the mandolin, or indeed those who are already under way. First class material
    including sound files, printable technique and tune sheets with in-depth analysis
    and advice."
    Nigel Gatherer 2014

    My teaching site:

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    The bits that I managed to listen to over a few minutes sound excellent. Good luck with this excellent new initiative!

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    Looks good and sounds good, and if Nigel is recommending it, it can't be bad!

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    Thanks for those comments. I'll post new free stuff pretty regularly - some new stuff there already. Hope some of you find it useful.


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    It's the Celtic sound that drew me to mandolin in the first place. I'm sure I will be a regular visitor to your sight. Thanks for the service.

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    Congratulations. Good site.

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