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Thread: Good Places in Calgary to get setup?

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    Default Good Places in Calgary to get setup?

    I've just started playing mandolin and am currently taking lessons. I'm wondering if there are any good places in Calgary, AB to get a mandolin setup. I would appreciate any suggestions and would also love to hear some tips about playing in general from you guys.


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    Default Re: Good Places in Calgary to get setup?

    Chuck Shifflet, I checked his web site and contact info indicates High River, however I think he moved to Nanton after the flood last spring. You could contact Mike Mcleod at the Acoustic Guitar in Calgary and he will put you in touch with a luthier who lives closer to Cochrane. Either would be an excellent choice, I have had work done by both and was completely satisfied.

    Hope you enjoy the mandolin and 2 pieces of advice, take lessons from a mandolin player and practice everyday.

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