I just saw this come up. More than some of you will probably enjoy it!


Greensky Bluegrass
Winter Wondergrass - Mainstage
Nottingham Park
Avon, CO

Recorded by: Rob O'Brien (robotaper)

01. Introduction by Scott Stoughton
02. Workin' On A Building
03. Same Old River
04. Bottle Dry
05. White House Blues
06. Fist City*
07. Jaywalking*
08. Gumboots
09. Howlin' At The Moon
10. Winter Wondergrass Breakdown>
11. Worried About The Weather
12. All Four

14. Coming In From The Cold

- Entire show with Sam Bush on vocals and mandolin
- Portions of Winter Wondergrass Breakdown sourced from AT853s(4.7k mod)>CA9100>Tascam DR-2d (Thanks Matt!)
- High winds and cold weather had some impact on the recording conditions