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Thread: Derrington value?

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    Default Derrington value?

    Ive recently come across an amazing master model signed by Charlie Derrington.

    It's a bit more than my budget can handle at this time.

    I have heard that Derrington era signed mandolins are solid investments.
    I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on the value of "Derrington" signed mandolins?
    Are these instruments in any sense on a trajectory for gaining in value based on who signed it?

    Im contemplating breaking the budget for this instrument based on:
    1.the fact that I really like this instrument and
    2. it could be a good investment

    I'd be trading away my Ellis F5 which I also like a lot, but looking at resale values, if what I hear about Derrington mandolins is true, it seems to make sense to trade the Ellis for the Derrington.

    Any thoughts from those who follow the "mandolin market" closer then I are greatly appreciated. Thanks Joe
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    Default Re: Deerington value?

    You mean "Derrington", right?

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    Default Re: Derrington value?

    I don't know about the pluses or minuses of Derrington-signed mandolins vs. Ellis F5 but personally I would only trade away one for the other if you truly love the Gibson more than the Ellis. In other words, if it were me, the investment value would be immaterial. Both AFAIK are excellent and desirable instruments but no one can truly know which will increase in price over the years or decades. I would predict that you will gets lots of conflicting opinions on this thread which would be the better investment.

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    Default Re: Derrington value?

    Wouldn't real estate be a better investment?

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    Default Re: Derrington value?

    I would not use resale value as a reason to trade, but if the Gibby had the tone and playability I constantly hunt I would trade, it must be a good one to consider trading an Ellis, those are high on the desirability ladder.
    good luck

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    Default Re: Derrington value?

    among our very small market, I'd bet they'd both be well known in 30 years.

    If you can't have both, have no regrets for the one that you didn't buy.

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    Default Re: Derrington value?

    They go up. They go down. Even original Loars have had a rocky ride recently. Judge them as instruments, not investments. If you can get them for a really, really good price, you will usually be OK - but otherwise, don't bet on them making money.

    FWIW, I would not trade my Ellis for one, certainly not on the grounds of pure guesswork on future "resale value".
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