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  1. In The Weeds with Chris Thile, a new series!

    Started by Jake Howard, Mar-17-2022 4:56pm
    chris thile, nugget, sleep with one eye open, thile
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    Last: Mar-22-2022 11:57am
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    Last: Oct-20-2020 7:02am
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    Last: Apr-11-2020 7:18pm
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    Last: Apr-10-2020 8:02pm
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    Last: May-06-2019 1:26pm
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  2. Chris Thile Transcription (Temperance Reel)

    Started by Jake Howard, Oct-26-2017 12:02am
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    Last: Oct-26-2017 12:02am
    by Jake Howard  Go to last post
  3. Punch brothers My oh My?

    Started by Antonplaysmandolin, Dec-21-2016 5:26am
    chris thile, punch brothers
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    Last: Jun-26-2017 4:17pm
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  4. Punch brothers - my oh my?

    Started by Antonplaysmandolin, Dec-21-2016 5:40am
    chris thile, punch brothers
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    Last: Dec-21-2016 5:40am
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  5. "Raining at Sunset" -Chris Thile

    Started by TheBently, Oct-02-2013 9:09pm
    chords, chris thile, mandolin pro, raining at sunset, sheet music
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    Last: Mar-28-2016 4:46pm
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  6. Wow!... Jerusalem Ridge

    Started by soliver, Dec-10-2015 7:39am
    chris thile, jerusalem ridge, tim o'brien
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    Last: Dec-11-2015 12:08pm
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    Last: Jul-20-2015 11:35pm
    by rwesleycarr  Go to last post
  7. Chris Thile transcription - Farewall Blues

    Started by Jesper, Jun-19-2015 8:50am
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    Last: Jul-12-2015 12:49am
    by ralph johansson  Go to last post
  8. Chris Thile's break for Granny White Special

    Started by rwesleycarr, Jun-14-2015 10:04pm
    bluegrass, chris thile, granny white special, mandolin, mark o'connor
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    Last: Jun-14-2015 10:04pm
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  9. Chris Thile - "Daughter of Eve"

    Started by TheBently, Oct-28-2013 9:18am
    "daughter of eve", chris thile, daughter of eve, mandolin, nickel creek, solo
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    Last: Oct-19-2014 6:31pm
    by Delaware  Go to last post
  10. Chris Thile's Leading Off Book

    Started by tomasn4a, Jun-18-2014 10:42am
    book, chris thile, leading off
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    Last: Jun-18-2014 10:42am
    by tomasn4a  Go to last post
  11. Tab for 'Rabbit in the Log'

    Started by Jake Howard, Feb-28-2013 6:15pm
    • Replies: 9
    • Views: 11,566
    Last: Nov-26-2013 11:03am
    by jpayne  Go to last post
  12. New Chris Thile Bach record

    Started by John Duncan, Jun-05-2013 1:06pm
    • Replies: 20
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    Last: Oct-14-2013 3:41pm
    by Eugene  Go to last post
  13. Marshall/Thile Pick Grip Questions PLEASE HELP!!!

    Started by CCRider, Aug-08-2013 11:19am
    2 Pages
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    • Replies: 25
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    Last: Sep-07-2013 9:48pm
    by 55bar  Go to last post
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    Last: May-08-2013 1:20pm
    by TheBently  Go to last post
  14. Attaboy Mandolin Solo!

    Started by Jake Howard, Feb-05-2013 3:45pm
    attaboy solo, chris thile, the goat rodeo sessions
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    Last: Feb-05-2013 3:50pm
    by OldSausage  Go to last post
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    Last: Feb-03-2013 11:32pm
    by ShaneJ  Go to last post
  15. Chris Thile's new mandolin?

    Started by Thee Ambassador, Oct-19-2012 3:23pm
    chris thile, gibson f-5, lloyg loar
    • Replies: 19
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    Last: Dec-18-2012 7:27am
    by bbaker2050  Go to last post
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