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    Last: Dec-03-2019 10:19am
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  1. Wish You Were Here - with mandolin!

    Started by Mama Danger, May-17-2019 8:10pm
    duo, guitar, mama danger, pink floyd, rock
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    Last: Oct-24-2019 11:45pm
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  2. Choro in Indianapolis?

    Started by James Todd, Nov-24-2018 8:35am
    choro, guitar, indianapolis, mandolin
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    Last: Feb-05-2019 10:26pm
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  3. It's not a Mandolin, BUT

    Started by Bayou Sue, Jul-30-2018 3:40pm
    fixer upper, guitar
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    Last: Aug-02-2018 2:35am
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    Last: Jul-18-2018 9:17am
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    Last: Jun-06-2018 10:06am
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  4. Best Guitar Apps for Learning How to Play Guitar

    Started by kanan25, Mar-25-2018 3:51am
    apps, guitar, guitar apps, mandolin
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    Last: Mar-25-2018 3:51am
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  5. Fishin' Musician Camp in Montana

    Started by John Lowell, Mar-13-2018 11:44am
    camp, fishing, guitar, montana, yellowstone
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    Last: Mar-13-2018 2:27pm
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  6. fluorocarbon strings on a tenor?

    Started by RCH, Feb-05-2018 4:45am
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    Last: Feb-08-2018 3:05pm
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  7. How does playing mando with guitar work?

    Started by ViolinVictoria, Sep-05-2017 4:16pm
    duet, guitar, strumming patterns
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    Last: Sep-13-2017 10:12pm
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    Last: Aug-04-2017 7:21pm
    by mlinkins  Go to last post
  8. Cane Mill Road - Five Speed

    Posted By liamcpurcell Jun-26-2017 1:45pm
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    Last: Jun-26-2017 9:21pm
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  9. Black Butte Waltz -Tim Connell and Eric Skye

    Started by min7b5, Jun-20-2017 3:50pm
    eric skye, guitar, mandolin, time connell
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    Last: Jun-21-2017 12:35pm
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  10. Take Me To Church

    Started by mandoguitar, Mar-15-2017 2:09am
    arrangement, guitar, hozier, solo
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    Last: Mar-15-2017 8:18am
    by Mark Gunter  Go to last post
  11. Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word

    Started by mandoguitar, Feb-28-2017 2:43am
    arrangement, elton john, guitar
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    Last: Feb-28-2017 2:43am
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  12. The Star-Spangled Banner

    Started by mandoguitar, Feb-14-2017 3:04am
    guitar, star spangled banner, usa
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    Last: Feb-25-2017 10:39pm
    by Mark Gunter  Go to last post
  13. Peter Abnett Retires

    Started by Nik Abnett, May-06-2015 6:11pm
    guitar, luthier, mandolin, peter abnett, retirement
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    Last: Dec-27-2016 11:15am
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  14. Rocky - Gonna Fly Now

    Started by mandoguitar, Dec-12-2016 9:34am
    film, guitar, rocky, stallone
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    Last: Dec-12-2016 9:34am
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  15. Hungarian Dance n° 5 by J. Brahms

    Started by mandoguitar, Dec-02-2016 8:34am
    brahms, dance, guitar
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    Last: Dec-02-2016 8:34am
    by mandoguitar  Go to last post
  16. Radetzky March

    Started by mandoguitar, Nov-06-2016 2:39am
    arrangement, guitar, march, radetzky
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,667
    Last: Nov-10-2016 10:25pm
    by Bill Clements  Go to last post
  17. Once Upon a Time in the West

    Started by mandoguitar, Oct-12-2016 3:21am
    arrangement, guitar, morricone, west
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    Last: Oct-12-2016 3:21am
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  18. Addio a Cheyenne - Ennio Morricone

    Started by mandoguitar, Oct-05-2016 5:39am
    arrangement, guitar, morricoen, torrisi
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    Last: Oct-09-2016 2:16am
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  19. Unchained Melody (from film "Ghost")

    Started by mandoguitar, Sep-22-2016 5:37am
    arrangement, ghost, guitar
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    Last: Sep-22-2016 5:37am
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  20. Tango del Mar, played by Matt Palmer - Video

    Started by mandoguitar, Aug-25-2016 5:22am
    guitar, matt palmer, tango, torrisi
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    Last: Aug-25-2016 5:22am
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  21. Mission Impossible Theme

    Started by mandoguitar, Aug-20-2016 4:20am
    arrangement, guitar, impossible, mission
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    Last: Aug-23-2016 3:08am
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