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  1. Intonation problems

    Started by gabby, Jun-22-2018 2:59pm
    bridge, help me, intonation
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    Last: Jul-10-2018 3:59pm
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  2. Does String Gauge Affect Intonation?

    Started by Christine Robins, Nov-19-2016 11:45am
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    Last: Nov-21-2016 7:40pm
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    Last: Oct-13-2016 8:11pm
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    Last: Oct-21-2015 5:08am
    by Dave LaBoone  Go to last post
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    Last: Sep-13-2015 9:03pm
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  3. New Mandolin - Couple of Setup Questions

    Started by adauria, Nov-21-2014 3:12pm
    action, intonation, setup
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    Last: Nov-25-2014 7:55am
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  4. mandolin won't stay in tune

    Started by educatedguess417, Jul-25-2014 3:16am
    epiphone, intonation, mandolin, staying in tune
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    Last: Jul-27-2014 3:31pm
    by bart mcneil  Go to last post
  5. A string intonation weirdness

    Started by zwieback, Jan-30-2014 11:55am
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    Last: Feb-01-2014 1:00am
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  6. My mandolin definitely needs a set up!

    Started by Minorkey, Jan-06-2014 2:57pm
    intonation, setup
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    Last: Jan-08-2014 1:54am
    by Pasha Alden  Go to last post
  7. Sour Open D Chord Blues

    Started by renoyd, Apr-16-2013 12:43am
    intonation, open d chord, problems, sour, tuning
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    Last: Apr-17-2013 8:07am
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  8. Sharp along the board but perfect at 12th

    Started by Mandoak, Dec-13-2012 10:10pm
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    Last: Dec-16-2012 1:44pm
    by sunburst  Go to last post
  9. strings in tune but 6th fret instead of 7!

    Started by Mandoak, Dec-01-2012 1:34pm
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    Last: Dec-03-2012 11:58am
    by Mandoak  Go to last post
  10. Vintage instruments and warping

    Started by kiernan.anderson, Oct-15-2012 9:51pm
    • Replies: 8
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    Last: Oct-17-2012 4:06pm
    by FL Dawg  Go to last post
  11. Cold weather/intonation problem

    Started by tralcat, Oct-04-2011 10:27am
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    Last: Oct-06-2011 2:23am
    by Ivan Kelsall  Go to last post
  12. Do large/tall frets cause tuning problems?

    Started by Jeff Budz, Mar-26-2011 11:01am
    fret, intonation, nut, trinity, tuning
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    Last: Mar-31-2011 9:03am
    by eastmountain  Go to last post
  13. Intonation correction at the nut

    Started by hank, Jan-01-2011 8:12am
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    Last: Jun-30-2011 12:00pm
    by David Collins  Go to last post
  14. Newbie intonation question.

    Started by Lou Giordano, Oct-14-2010 4:07pm
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    Last: Oct-25-2010 4:51pm
    by Lou Giordano  Go to last post
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    Last: Sep-10-2010 10:58pm
    by Dan Margolis  Go to last post
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    Last: Mar-11-2010 5:26pm
    by Paul Hostetter  Go to last post
  15. george la foley intonation...

    Started by wiltshire-apple-pie, Nov-20-2009 2:41pm
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    Last: Jan-06-2010 12:44am
    by fishtownmike  Go to last post
  16. Bridge problem

    Started by Marty Henrickson, Mar-29-2009 2:35pm
    bridge, intonation
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    Last: Apr-14-2009 1:05pm
    by Lefty Luthier  Go to last post
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