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  1. Set of strings at ball adapted to tuned GDAE.

    Started by morix, Apr-09-2018 5:45am
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    Last: Apr-11-2018 1:54am
    by fox  Go to last post
  2. Question about strings...

    Started by Deb5336, Mar-25-2017 4:34pm
    string, string guage
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    Last: Mar-25-2017 5:11pm
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  3. How to make top E less bright?

    Started by TheRealRogerJackson, Oct-29-2015 10:59am
    nut, saddle, string, top e
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    Last: Nov-01-2015 1:34pm
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  4. Breaking strings like a pro

    Started by jasonandremusic, Aug-02-2015 3:27pm
    break, breedlove, d'addario, string, the midatlantic
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    Last: Aug-02-2015 9:27pm
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  5. What is the ideal tension for a string?

    Started by Toni Schula, Jan-09-2015 1:08pm
    sloppiness, string, tension
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    Last: Jan-12-2015 12:23pm
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  6. Which Strings for my 1924 Snakehead ?

    Started by claude.meyer, Jun-22-2014 1:40pm
    light gauge strings, snakehead, string
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    Last: Jun-24-2014 10:12pm
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  7. Low D string on 5-string tenor?

    Started by Mandocarver, Oct-27-2013 4:24am
    5-string, gauge, string, tenor
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    Last: Oct-30-2013 11:16am
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  8. Same Fret, Adjacent String

    Started by joshua.mccall, Aug-14-2013 6:24pm
    fingering, fret, string
    • Replies: 18
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    Last: Aug-24-2013 11:32pm
    by Marty Jacobson  Go to last post
  9. String tension

    Started by Mandoak, Nov-26-2012 8:05pm
    string, tension
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    Last: Nov-28-2012 7:22am
    by Bertram Henze  Go to last post
  10. Curious Gibson 'Typo'?

    Started by Paul Statman, Sep-12-2012 7:04pm
    box, gibson, spelling, string, typo
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    Last: Sep-14-2012 8:35am
    by Jim Garber  Go to last post
  11. Cittern strings/tunings issues.

    Started by amazingcolin, Jan-08-2012 4:03pm
    cittern, length, scale, size, string
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    Last: Jan-09-2012 7:15am
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  12. Gauges - What I like and why

    Started by MixSon, Mar-10-2011 1:06pm
    gauge, pitch, scale, string, tension
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    Last: Mar-10-2011 1:06pm
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  13. New String Tension and Gauges Calculator

    Started by MixSon, Mar-07-2011 10:35am
    gauge, pitch, scale, string, tension
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    Last: Mar-10-2011 12:54pm
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  14. The Month of Failing Elixirs

    Started by Rehashchap, Feb-18-2010 12:26am
    elixir, nanoweb, string
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    Last: Feb-18-2010 9:14pm
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