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Thread: Loar tuner post spacing

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    Default Loar tuner post spacing

    I have noticed from looking at a few Loars and also looking at some plans that are copied from Loar specs that the tuner posts are spaced differently...On some the posts at the top of the peg head (the A and D strings) are closer to each other than on some other mandolins...

    Is this something that Gibson changed between the `23`s and `24`s? I can understand that having a straighter travel from the nut to the posts would be a better way to design them so that the string direction in the nut slots would not be pulling on the sides of the slots....

    I`m sure that some of you experts know something about this....

    W.G. Poole

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    Default Re: Loar tuner post spacing

    Willie, you need to ask this question over at the vintage corner to get the right folks to answer it. I know the difference on site but can't give the technical aspects of it like you need. That's more a Darryl Wolfe question for him to answer. Or send him a PM.

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