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Thread: Branson Fiddle Fest @ Compton Ridge

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    Default Branson Fiddle Fest @ Compton Ridge

    Just curious if anyone here is going to the fiddle fest this weekend at Compton Ridge campground in Branson? My understanding from my in-laws (who are campers, not musicians) is that it is a lot smaller and less commercial than the big Fiddle Fest in downtown Branson in the fall... more like organized jam sessions.

    I think I'll head down after work on Friday to check it out, but will probably take both the fiddle and mandolin. Then I can fill in whatever gap exists in a jam...

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    Well - just a followup to anyone who may be interested in making the fall festival.

    There were anywhere from 2-5 different circles sitting around playing from before when I arrived on Saturday at 10AM until well after I left at 11PM. I planned on playing a little more fiddle, but found there were a lot of fiddlers and only a few mandolin players, so other than the first tune or two I spent the day behind a mandolin. Played pretty much everything from Texas swing to fiddle tunes and straight ahead bluegrass.

    There was pretty much everything from old timers who could really crank one out, to teenagers learning to play so it was a great place to try to figure out some new stuff. The other mandolin player I played with did a real fine job (i.e. put me to shame) behind a nice Gibson F, and one of the guys who I jam with on an occasional basis kept things pulling forward on the banjo.

    One thing that did come out of this jam was a bad case of MAS... A lot of the folks there were playing nice old Gibsons, Guilds, Martins, etc that you could tell they have owned for years. Makes it a lot easier for me to justify plunking down a paycheck on something nice.

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