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    any one heard of an accordion less String band taking it on?.

    one area can only support so many Contra Dance String bands
    so I thought branching out might work .

    Bunch of Finns landed here a century + ago,
    They were the non english speakers putting the fish in the cans, for a long time.
    and descendants are still here ..

    the home country took to Tangos I'm told , maybe a second front can open here ..
    writing about music
    is like dancing,
    about architecture

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    The surprising thing is that Argentina, with the second largest Italian population in the world, does not have a strong mandolin tradition. Tangos are great to play on mandolin, go to for lots of free music.

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    you don't need the accordion (or bandeņon, really). I am down here in Buenos Aires. You hear tango played on just guitar a lot. I am playing some on the mandolin, of course.

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    Thanks for that link, Joel - nice site. I love the tangos, and just got a strange gig fall in my lap for Sunday - - - a new bishop is being installed in the Burlington St. Paul's church, they're having a big dinner and want, of course, Tangos. Go figure - - not the Catholic Church I remember. Drop on by, bring your uke.
    Will Patton

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