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    Hi all. I am new here and new to the tenor guitar as well. I just purchased a Blueridge
    T40, used, but in mint cionditon, the seller used it only a couple times in the year he owned it. I come to the tenor from a 5 string banjo background, clawhammer being how I play mostly (been playing only four years). To be honest, one reason I wanted a tenor guitar was so I could play some songs that I felt would sound better with a guitar but I could play it like my banjo. No new chords or tunings, though I will do that in time. So two questions: Does anyone play in DGBD, and what guage strings are the best for the tenor (light, medium)? Thanks.

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    I'd start on the light side.. Those don't have truss rods as I read..
    since you are dropping the E in 'Chicago' tenor guitar tuning by a whole step
    that one could be .001", or .0015" thicker.
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    The Blueridge tenor guitars have adjustable truss rods.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    T40 at Elderly.

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