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Thread: Wildwood Mandolin circa 1980

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    Default Wildwood Mandolin circa 1980

    /Users/lm/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Modified/2012/Apr 16, 2012/IMG_0845.jpg

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    Help! how do we post a pic? I dragged this from iphoto….sorry,
    don't think it transferred

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    Scroll down below the " + Reply to Thread " button, beyond the "Quick Reply" bar. There you'll find a few little icons above the text-entry box.

    If the image you want to display is on your computer, go to the third icon from the right; it looks like a little picture of something-or-other. Click on it and use the pop-up box to upload the image from your computer.

    If the image you want is on the web, go to the sixth icon from the right (just to the right of the smiley face); it looks like a globe with spectacles in front of it. Click on it and enter the URL of the image in the pop-up box.

    That should do it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	IMG_0845.jpg 
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    Thanks John.
    According to Mark Platin, Wildwood Banjo Co., this is one of about fifty mandolins he made in the 70's… Flat back, rosewood, f5 style maple neck with volute, slight arched flat top.
    Only one reference on the internet to this Wildwood, re: Doug Austin with Runaway String Band- "Doug has been a member of a number of well known groups over the years: in a trio with Tom Espinola and Lorraine Duisit, with Virginia Rail, a #Richmond based bluegrass band and as a founding member of acoustic jamband Soy Hero. He has also recorded with Virginia Rail and Soy Hero.Doug uses two mandolins with the RSB. One is Collings A-model. The other is a rare Wildwood mandolin, made in 1981 by Wildwood Banjo Co".
    Sweet tone. Purchased from Elderly in the 80's, played for a few weeks, then regrettably stashed in a closet and forgotten till recently.
    Excellent bass tone and volume. Just breaking it in after reigniting my interest by purchasing a Loar 700 via Cafe classified a month ago…love 'em both. Fingers are in constant pain….all good.
    Anyone else have one?"

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