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Thread: Piece of garbage or no?

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    Question Piece of garbage or no?

    Looking to get a decent OM, and don't really have the patience to wait a year or so for my next tax return to grab a Trinity College....wondering if this Fender is garbage or if it's ok for someone just looking to dabble in OM. I know Fender acoustic instruments aren't usually the best.....also wondering what the scale length on this thing would be.
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    Default Re: Piece of garbage or no?
    If it can help you...
    No idea of the scale lenght
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    Default Re: Piece of garbage or no?

    A quick google reveals this as the first item.
    Scroll down for sizes, etc.
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    Default Re: Piece of garbage or no?

    A little research reveals that this OM has a scale length of 20 and 3/20"
    It seems like the Fender made these only for a short time, so there aren't a lot of these around. Likely factory made in Korea like so many others (Johnson, Gold Tone, Trinity College, etc.). It has been the general consensus around here that the TC ones are the most consistently decent. Among the others, you might be more likely to get more variability... some duds, some gems, and mostly in between... ok, but not super.

    So for someone with curiosity and an interest in starting to explore the OM world, probably not a piece of garbage... probably an ok entry-level instrument assuming it is in good condition and has a good setup. Setups can make a HUGE difference in these relatively low-end instruments. So if you can afford to set aside some $ to have an experienced luthier take a look at and adjust the setup, that will serve you well.
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    Default Re: Piece of garbage or no?

    I played a couple back a few years ago. A local music store, who are also HUGE Fender dealers carried them while they were available. They are one in the same with the TC's Johnson's, Gold Tone, etc. $300 is a good price to grab one.

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    Default Re: Piece of garbage or no?

    I know the feeling Phil. It was hard waiting a few months for my tax return to buy my OM, I'd hate to wait a year. The advice I got was that the Trinity College ones are the best of the low end, but I wound up buying a Gold Tone. The price was decently low, and I bought it from a friend, so I knew it was playable. You can avoid many of the pitfalls of buying on the cheap if you can look it over and play it before buying. Buying off eBay is a gamble in any case. Always better to play before buying if you can. And I notice this seller is not accepting returns.

    Ditto the advice on a good setup being important. He says the Fender had one in 2009 so you may be ok, but plan on having a luthier check it over at least if you buy it.

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    Default Re: Piece of garbage or no?

    I have a Fender bouzouki.... and it sounds as fine as a TC axe plus it has a passive pickup not so bad.....
    fixed compensated bridge a bit elevated on the screws but not a rotten apple....

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