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Thread: Trip report- Mass. Ave Music

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    Default Trip report- Mass. Ave Music

    Was in KC today on business and thought I would ride over to Lawrence, KS this evening to check out Mass. Ave Music. My first visit to the store and I had a lot of fun playing the various mandos and mandola upstairs. Thanks to Tim Nelson for the hospitality. Topped the night off with a delicious plate of burnt ends and lamb ribs back in KC.

    They have two A Jrs on the wall and I was able to play them back to back. I absolutely fell in love with this gem-

    If I were in the market right now I probably would have taken it home. NFI of course.

    Steve Roberts

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    Default Re: Trip report- Mass. Ave Music

    That is a beauty.... Did these not have a label on the headstock? that would not be an issue with me, cause I am not a collector, but is the price right if missing a headstock label?

    sure wish I had some bucks. That just looks like it sounds nice!
    Bart McNeil

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    The time to get suspicious is when you do see a headstock logo on an A Jr. -- they never had 'em. I'd be all over that one if the kid didn't want to go back to college in the Fall!

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