I placed my usual quarter yearly order for my Mandolin strings with Janet Davis yesterday. Her new website is really nicely laid out,but as it's quite a change from the old one,a bit of careful path finding is required.
If anybody on here from outside the US places an order,be careful when you're typeing in your name & address etc. I was ok until after doing it,i tried to get to the check-out to pay. It blew me out !. There are 2 boxes - one with 'Outside the US' already in it, & another labelled 'Another State/Province' which is blank. Being 'Outside the US',i didn't touch the first box,& not being in any other 'State/Province',i left that box blank. The box label 'State/Province' does rather tie it down to a limited choice,but i typed in 'England' (apparently we're now regarded as an add-on State/Province by the JD ordering system - a nice thought !) & it was ok to go.So,if your ordering from
outside the US,type in your country of residence,& hopefully you'll be fine.
Also,after placing an order,you'll receive an e-mail message from 'Umbra Music Inc.',
something else that wasn't there before. Don't worry,it's just the new billing system,