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    thinking that a pavane (dance) comes from the italian word for peacock (pavana) i was wondering what tempo the dance should be played at - if it's in 2/2 time, do you think this would be sufficiently regal for dancers to strut their stuff - fan their tail-feathers - or is it too fast:

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    A tad fast. Pavanes as I've danced them are a bit slower. Think stately elegance. Is that historically correct? Hard to be sure.

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    appreciated - thank you - playing at a stately, elegant pace is harder than it might seem

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    I always think of a pavane as needing time to do all the bows and flourishes as you pass the ladies & that slows me down without making it a funereal pace. There's a real danger of going the other way with these things and choking the life out of them. There needs to remain a certain perky cheekiness to how they come over (the peacock as you say).

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    it's an interesting dance - "peacocks" strutting at a smart pace followed by a regal pause. but the tunes are what they are - they sound great speeded up

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