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Thread: Alabama ALBZ40Irish Bouzouki - Impresions, reviews, thoughts ???

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    Default Alabama ALBZ40Irish Bouzouki - Impresions, reviews, thoughts ???

    OK. I'll admit I know next to nothing about "Zouks" but I'm learning. Anyway, any thoughts on the Alabama ALBZ40 Irish Bouzouki out there? There is one for sale at a music store nearby but I need you guy's feedback first before considering it further.


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    Default Re: Alabama ALBZ40Irish Bouzouki - Impresions, reviews, thoughts

    I see this is your first post. I suspect the silence from the forum stems from the reason I have not responded until now. I had not heard of the Alabama brand until you posed the question. I am impressed that you found one in a store. On that fact alone, you may be ahead of 98% of the members here. I Googled them for information, but even their website offered minimal enlightenment - not even a hint as to where they are located. I'm sorry I have been unable to shed additional light, but I wanted to dignify your question with a response.


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    Default Re: Alabama ALBZ40Irish Bouzouki - Impresions, reviews, thoughts

    Doing a bit more Googling, appears "Alabama" is a brand of Coast Music, a Canadian distributor that imports Asian-made (possibly other as well) instruments -- banjos, mandolins, Autoharps, etc. They're a division of JAM Industries, whoever they may be.

    Asian instrument builders will make instruments for US, Canadian etc. distributors with a variety of nameplates. This page gives a list of the brands that Coast Music distributes in Canada; "Alabama" is listed with a heading of Over the years our team of specialist have worked relentlessly to perfect a series of instruments that represent quality and affordability. Numerous hours have been spent in factories overseas and thousands of samples have been evaluated resulting in the distribution of:...Alabama (banjos, mandolins)

    The Alabama bouzouki is listed as having all-solid-wood construction, which is a plus. As best as can be determined from the somewhat sketchy specs page, it resembles the fairly generic instruments that are imported under a variety of nameplates. Since the "Alabama" brand is probably limited to Canadian distribution, you won't find too many US-based 'zouk players with hands-on info about it.

    Depending on the price and set-up, could be a decent starter instrument.
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    Default Re: Alabama ALBZ40Irish Bouzouki - Impresions, reviews, thoughts

    i tried one the last time i was in vancouver british columbia. i was impressed by an obviously chinese made zouk. however there have been a lot of trinity college zouks on e bay for less. i'd say the alabama is a goos starter zouk. not as good as the gold tone i played recently down in halifax but much cheaper. but you will want to sell a starter eventually so go for a second hand deal, is my advice--like trinity college.

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    Default Re: Alabama ALBZ40Irish Bouzouki - Impresions, reviews, thoughts

    I picked one up recently. It's very good and nice sounding at a reasonable price.

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