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Thread: Morgan Monroe Bouzouki/OM (?) on Craigslist

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    Question Morgan Monroe Bouzouki/OM (?) on Craigslist

    So after hearing "Smoothie Song" and realizing that's an OM, I'm now interested in getting one. Was planning on waiting a while, since I've really only just started mandolin, but I found this one on Craigslist. Can anyone tell me about this one, and is there an actual difference between a bouzouki and an octave mando? (definitely thought there was)

    I know I'd like something with a proper setup, but this seems like a quick, easy way to grab an OM provided this isn't a piece of junk. Morgan Monroe seems to get mixed reviews here as well, but that's for standard mandolins. Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Default Re: Morgan Monroe Bouzouki/OM (?) on Craigslist

    Basically, the difference between an octave and a zouk is scale length and that definitely looks like a zouk. Tuning also tends to define. You can tune that GDAE (octave)or Irish zouk tunings GDAD, ADAE AEAE or whatever you like. It may be strung in octaves in the lower courses like a 12 string guitar.

    That looks like the standard Chinese factory model that Trinity College, Gold Tone, Johnson and a number of others share with variations of quality control. At $200, I'd go take a look and if the top isn't sinking and it plays clean up the neck I'd grab it and enjoy it. That's a very low price and there may be reasons for that.

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    Default Re: Morgan Monroe Bouzouki/OM (?) on Craigslist

    I remember being in DC and going to a session at Nanny O'Brien's and hearing a great bouzouki in the mix. That turned out to be a Morgan Monroe. The player was Josh Dukes and he has now moved on to a beautiful Foley; btw, Josh is an all-Ireland champion on backing guitar. It may have been the player, but the instrument did have a nice sound.

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    Default Re: Morgan Monroe Bouzouki/OM (?) on Craigslist

    I agree with Steve - check it out, but be careful. You might get a great deal, or you might get something with more problems than you'll want to pay to fix.

    Also - if you want to play stuff like the Smoothie Song (which I love, btw, and actually have the opening set as my cell phone ringtone) - I hope you have LONG fingers. B/c the zouk scale is long, and that kind of melodic playing will take a lot of reach. If your hands are not big, or you don't have long reach, you may want to wait for something with a shorter scale.

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