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Thread: Certain links are not working.

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    Default Certain links are not working.

    I noticed a few months ago that some links do not work. Most work fine but others turn to gibberish when I click them. One such link is anything going to Cafe Press. Scott's link to Cafe Press or my link to it show the correct link when I hover my mouse of the link but as soon as I click the link it turns to something like this :

    <link removed. potentially dangerous... can't tell>

    I can go to Cafe Press directly or from other sites. I primarily use Google Chrome as a browser but the same thing happens in IE8 as well. If I use FireFox all is good.
    CafePress is not the only link I have had this happen with but it is the one I can think of right now.
    Is it a setting on my end or does it have something to do with Mandolin Cafe?
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    Bill Snyder

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    Default Re: Certain links are not working.

    I'm guessing your PC or Mac is infected if you're being redirected to another site. Links (addresses) to external sites often change in the course of being clicked--that's not unusual--many sites use redirects for various purposes, but they don't redirect you to sites other than where you intend to land. That's a viral infection to my eye. I removed the link you posted because I can't be assured what you submitted here was safe.

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    Default Re: Certain links are not working.

    Scott, it leads nowhere. I get the message that this website can not be found, yada yada. It only happens only on the Mandolin Cafe and right at the moment the only links I can find that do it are to Cafe Press.
    If I have any viruses, trojans, etc.. my spyware and antivirus can not detect them. It has been doing it for at least 6 months.
    Bill Snyder

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