Tim Connell will be in the Bay Area with his duo partner Mike Burdette to perform and teach at the San Francisco Festival of Mandolins on April 29, and it is our pleasure to host a house concert for him that evening.

The details:
Sunday, April 29, 7:00 PM
Larkspur, CA
Suggested Donation $20 - all proceeds go to the musicians
Reservations and info: mfibish@gmail.com -- address provided with reservation

Rio Con Brio, featuring up-and-coming mandolin wizard Tim Connell, performs choro, the groovy acoustic string music of Brazil and the feel-good cousin of American ragtime. Influenced by Afro-Brazilian rhythms and the cafe music of Italy, France and Portugal, choro is both exotic and familiar, evoking in turn the carnival of Rio and the cafes of Paris.

Connell, one of the top performers of this style in North America, has released three albums with Rio Con Brio and the duo teaches the surprisingly intricate music at workshops around the country, including this weekend at the San Francisco Festival of the Mandolin. Lots more info at: http://www.timconnellmusic.com/

More on the SF Festival of Mandolins: http://www.croatianamericanweb.org/e...ils.php?id=148