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Thread: "A Nail Won't Fix a Broken Heart" chords

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    Default "A Nail Won't Fix a Broken Heart" chords

    Looking for some help with the mandolin chords for "A Nail Won't Fix a Broken Heart" by The Low and Sweet Orchestra.

    Just saw a video of them playing this song live. Very spirited mandolin rhythm accompaniment. Can't quite get the chords and I'd like some help if anyone knows.

    As always, thanks for your help.

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    Default Re: "A Nail Won't Fix a Broken Heart" chords

    The chords are E A and D. The first two stabs are D then the main melody is E D E A D E D D E. For the chorus it goes A D E D E D E and repeats. They vary where they throw i the A's and D's, but those are the only chords in the song.
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