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    One last question before I turn half my heart and soul to the tenor guitar. The other half will remain with my Baroque viola.

    Has anyone experimented with nylon (Classical) or gut (Baroque) strings on a TG? What were the results, if printable?

    Noone who knows me would ever used the word 'normal' in describing me. I tend to do things differently, for the better or the worse. To me, that is the way to learn; boy, have I learned in my sixty eight years, usually the hard way. (As an example, in highschool, I tried playing my French horn using a bicycle pump, a vibrator (no evil thoughts here please) so that all I had to do was finger the keys. Quite possible, but limited tonal range, in case you were wondering.)

    My best guess is that in six months or so I will be able to upload a video of me playing a tenor guitar (I have my eyes on and credit card handy for a 60's Harmony) using nylon strings and playing with a mixed handpicking/classical style. Offensive to many, perhaps, but just me. 'Sorry, in advance.

    Television is very educational. Every time someone turns it on I go to another room and read a book. .....Groucho Marx

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    Default Re: tenor strings...

    I haven't tried nylon or gut strings on tenor guitar. But, if I were going for tenor guitar tuning with nylon or gut strings, I would try it on a baritone ukulele.

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    I have a couple baris in cgda tuning - you will need to buy a set of classical guitar strings ( I have had good luck with perla nyguts by Aquila) cuz a the A string will have a tendency to snap with a standard baritone string set.



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