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Thread: Electric Violin anyone?

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    Thanks. Really good input here. I'm going to have to try a few out at my local fiddle store, and perhaps look for some quality used instruments before settling on a new one. I know the best option is to spend a ton of money, but I'm not in that league yet.

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    <Removed by Moderator, please limit selling to the classifieds>
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    Digging up an old thread here but wondering if Santiago ever found a good electric violin that suited his needs?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jared Heddinger View Post
    Would it better to start (completely green) on an electric or acoustic?
    Acoustic. On an electric you won't learn how to use the bow for tone production

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    I've successfully electrified 3 fiddles. Sound is good; less feedback than I get on my mandos for the same volume. A lot cheaper than even a low end all electric.

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