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Thread: Joseph Brent Interview

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    Default Joseph Brent Interview

    The Mandolin Cafe has posted the following news release:
    Joseph Brent Interview

    We interview Joseph Brent, a mandolin faculty member at Mannes College The New School For Music and a frequent touring band member for several pop icons.


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    Default Re: Joseph Brent Interview

    This guy is cool!

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    Default Re: Joseph Brent Interview

    Great and informative interview!

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    What I think I see and hear in Joseph Brent is an evolution, of sorts, in the human condition. The old model, highly egocentric, is shifting toward something more inclusive and cooperative much like the leaderless "Occupy" movement going on now. The time honored ethic of music, namely inspiration, mystical searching, expressing the inexpressible, raising spirits of compassion, grief, love and understanding seems to be implied in Joseph's emphasis of playing with heart and passion with whatever tools one has at the moment. Playing fast or just the right notes is overrated. I glad to see this unfolding because, heaven knows, our World is truly on the ropes on so many fronts.

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    Great Interview! He is one of the reasons my son decided to enroll in Mannes College to study music.

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    Default Re: Joseph Brent Interview

    Noting the anniversary of our interview with this fine mandolin player!

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