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Thread: Low-fret Buzzing on my Rigel Mandolin

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    Default Low-fret Buzzing on my Rigel Mandolin

    When I started practicing today with my Rigel A+ Deluxe mandolin, I noticed a buzzing on certain frets of the D and A strings:

    • Open string - no buzz
    • Frets 1-7 - buzz
    • Frets 8+ - no buzz

    I think this may have something to do with the weather. We live near Phoenix, Arizona, where it's usually hot and dry. But last night we had a long, soaking rainstorm, leaving us unusually humid today, and the temperature is about 30 degrees lower than yesterday's. Would this be enough to make the neck shift? And if it is, is there anything that I can do about it?

    I'm visiting a new jam session on Monday, and right now my usually beautiful mandolin sounds like it has a cold (This makes me surprisingly sad. I kind of want to wrap it in a afghan and give it tea with honey.). Can I do anything on my own (and still make it to the jam session), or is it time for a trip to the shop (and a missed jam-session opportunity)?

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    Default Re: Low-fret Buzzing on my Rigel Mandolin

    I don't know much about nothing, so I can't offer advice except I just had the same problem!! Mine was the A and E strings on frets 7-10.

    I took mine to the luthier who told me that my mandolin was having problems because of the dryness. I bought it a couple of months ago from Oregon (I think they breathe water there instead of air). I live in Las Vegas...very dry like you. A quick fix, but not a long term solution was to raise the bridge which made it sound fine, but wouldn't fix my long term problem.

    Not sure that's helpful. I'm sure someone here will have better advice.

    PS - more rain on the way this week!

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    Default Re: Low-fret Buzzing on my Rigel Mandolin

    I think you need to take your instrument to the practiced eye of a mandolin repair person. It may need only a slight adjustment or it may need a full set up, but without having it in front of me there is no way to tell. In the mean time you can raise your bridge slightly until you get it to a luthier.

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    Default Re: Low-fret Buzzing on my Rigel Mandolin

    I had the same problem when I fretted the 7th that caused buzzing at the 8th. A short trip to the local luthier, a truss rod adjustment and bridge height tinkering solved my problem.
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