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Thread: "Here comes the sun" tab

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    Default "Here comes the sun" tab

    Anyone ever come across a tab of that tune, as played on utube... Kudos to the gentleman that played it, however, he appears to not want to share, at least early on.

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    Default Re: "Here comes the sun" tab

    Nice tab here on the Cafe, with accompanying chord chart.
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    Default Re: "Here comes the sun" tab

    You say as played on YouTube but there are several mandolin videos of this tune on YouTube.
    I am guessing it is this one.
    Bill Snyder

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    Default Re: "Here comes the sun" tab

    For beginners, if you are just going to learn/play (any) simple melody line, imo, you would absorb it better, in the long run, by working it out yourself, by ear, than relying on a "tab".

    For developing more advanced, more finessed, versions or arrangements, get out the Beatles Complete Scores, or a transcription of the guitar part (reading notation is almost a requirement) from some other book or one of the guitar magazines, put on Abbey Road and try to work out on your own, and find something which increasingly gets closer and closer to the feel and flow of the tune.

    First 4 bars of intro, which is pretty close to the recorded guitar part on the record, albeit an octave higher:



    or, play it this way, in a more crosspicked manner with overlapping ringing notes and 12th fret harmonic chimes. Don't let the volume between notes become "unbalanced"



    the A7 (4th measure) is slightly different (the inserted A note) than what's played on guitar. Also, the normal rules of d-u-d-u pick patterns are discarded at times when changing strings. However, putting in the (picked) slur notations across strings in text-tab is a real pain, so it's omitted. (example: d-d is a much smoother crossing strings from low to high.)

    ^ hammer-on or pull-off
    ~ slide
    less emphasized notes (volume-wise)

    Niles H.

    Incidentally, as far as published collections of mandolin arrangements of this type of material are concerned.......the major publishers don't want to deal with such a low-demand, low-profit niche product, especially having to deal with the song publishers.

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    Default Re: "Here comes the sun" tab

    Tab for Here Comes The Sun and 24 other Beatles songs can be found in the Hal Leonard book, The Beatles For Mandolin.

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    Default Re: "Here comes the sun" tab

    If you're just getting started like me, there is a very basic How to play... video on youtube by a teenaged girl. She shows how to play the song in the first position note by note so I was able to write it out myself.

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