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    I am considering selling a Flatiron Performer A mandolin with case. It was made in Bozeman, Montana (Serial No. 94011816). It has been lightly played and is in near perfect condition with only a pinhole-sized nick on the back edge. I could use some objective advice in determining a fair sale value. I have reviewed many of the threads posted here as well as on other online sites. Although there appears to be few like instruments advertised, the price range is quite broad and covers multiple years. I have read the advice that many users of this site have provided to those on the buying end of a transaction and I am hoping that comparable guidance will be shown to this potential seller. Thank you.

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    This one went for 849.00 I have a Performer F i wouldn't sell for $2500 its to good of a box. It's probably worth more than it's worth. Start high and come down unless you need to move it fast.
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    Is it a short neck? I saw one go for about $450 on Ebay 2 months ago, was going to bid but don't care much for the short necks.

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    That $450 one on Ebay was pretty rough, if I remember correctly.

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    The mandolin under consideration here is not a short-neck. It is a good question, however since4 it probably is one of the variables (in addition to condition) that contributes to the variability in price alluded to in my initial request for advice. I also agree with Jean regarding the difference between price and value.

    Additional comments will be appreciated.


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    I'd like to see a front and back photo. Others would too. I think I know the character of the "Performer," but I may be a bit confused between it and the "Festival," which I think may be the lowest-trim line. Is your mandolin bound top and back? Is there any flame to the back wood? Does it have a peghead inlay in MOP? (I think they all had adjustable truss rods by then). Is there a pickguard?

    Sure I could google some photos of the "Performer," but you could do us all a favor and show us yours.

    I have an '87 a-model Flatiron. It's called the A5-1. The A5-2 was the fancy one. Mine does have top and back binding and "The Flatiron" inlay in MOP. I don't have an adjustable truss rod though. I love my Flatiron. A lot!

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    I agree that a picture would address many of your reasonable inquiries. I was, and remain reluctant to include photos because I am concerned that they would be viewed as crossing the line between using gtjhe forum for a legit request for objective advice and using it inappropriately to advertise a private sale. If the forum's moderator were to judge this concern as being unfounded, I gladly will attach photos. I surely will do so once I can determine a fair price and post a classified ad. In the interim, I will attach some generic photos of a Performer A in response to your questions about the instrument's attributes. Thanks for reply and thougtful questions.

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    Thanks for the help. I have a pretty good idea regarding a fair asking price and probably will be selling the Flatiron as well as a Martin A from the early 20s once I finalize decision re: the next instrument. John

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