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Thread: "Durham Station Bluegrass Band"

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    Default "Durham Station Bluegrass Band"

    At the request of our esteemed 'Cafe colleague 'Willie',here's a YouTube clip of his band,"Durham Station" singing & playing a lovely song - "When I've Gained My Reward",
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    That's worth a bump. Good BG mando content and good vocals to boot.

    I see they're playing in a lobby or something for free. Just like Tony Rice Unit and Thile/Daves.
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    M.M...We wre in college gym and it wasn`t a freebie by far, one of our better paying gigs...It was a convention for people that grow flowers and plants of all kinds, they came from all over the country, about 3000, people, we have played for them for the past three years in Millersville Pa, near Lancaster...If you were refering to the tip jar, I didn`t know that was going to be put out, it made some extra money for the bass player and bahjo player to pay for their gas as they had to travel about 200 miles for that gig....

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    Default Re: "Durham Station Bluegrass Band"

    Nice job, Willie. JD would be proud...

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