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Thread: Tabs in GDAD

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    Default Tabs in GDAD

    Hi all
    I have recently bought myself a bouzouki. I started playing mandolin 3 or 4 years ago, and have learnt many Scottish and Irish tunes in GDAE. I would like to keep the bouzouki in GDAD tuning.

    Rather than simply playing all the same tunes on another instrument I would like to build up a few new ones in GDAD. Is there a resource (preferably TAB) for tunes in this tuning? Any nice simple tunes that folk know that lends itself to GDAD?

    I hope this makes sense!


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    Default Re: Tabs in GDAD

    I recommend TablEdit software. You can download tunes from many sites, such as and set up the software for just about any tuning you would want. It has a "GDAD Bouzouki" setting. When you pull the tune into the software, which is easy from the ABC notation that a lot of these sites use, you automatically get tab for the tuning you selected.

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