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Thread: 1796 Giovanni Battista Fabricatore mandolin

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    As promised. Two recordings made in a quick one hour session on a portable digital recorder. Ignore the mistakes in interpretation please, the musician had just few minutes to try to adopt to a narrow Fabricatore neck and nut in comparation with modern Knorr mandolin that she usually plays. Newer played early Neapolitan mandolin before.
    Recording is a streight download from a recorder, untempered in any way. Little dry.

    In live, the sound is impresively large for a small body and can easily be copared with Knorr. Slightly on a bright side, but it is unplayed instrument with a new set of Lenzner - Fisoma "Bronze" low tension strings. Balance seems to be good, playability on the easy side. I was told that the set up is well executed. Instrument is fully playable.

    Mozart Kanzonette No. 16, and Pietro Denis "Capriccio No.1

    I hope that this MP3 links will work, if not I will upload it on youtube.

    Marijan Radaljac



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    It sounds wonderful....and looks amazing.

    Thanks for bringing it back to life.

    I hope it ends up with a player who will really appreciate it!
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    It sounds as good as looks -a triumph!
    - Jeremy

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    Sounding great: very well done indeed!

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