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Thread: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

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    Default 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
    10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein's Ted Eschliman catches up with jazz violinist and mandolinist Aaron Weinstein for another of our special feature interviews.


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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    Great article! My only criticism is that it's too short! I have been a fan of Aaron's work since I first discovered him on YouTube, and chord/melody playing is my favorite style. (can you guess that I'm a huge Joe Pass fan? ) @ Aaron, just curious, when you were taking lessons with Donny, were you also playing Violin? Also, how did you come to choose to play the Mandolin? Love your work! Keep posting those chord/melody pieces and ensemble works. Thanks for dropping by!


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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    I'm glad it was done. Always good to hear from a great player. But I'm wondering about the 10 Questions "quickie" format? Like JR I would have liked to have read more. I'm thinking if a player is worthy of talking to, why not do the full interview?

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    Great to have Aaron Weinstein answer a couple of questions.

    I donīt feel that this spiffy little interview will rule out any follow up. Iīm waiting for one...

    I just think that people like Aaron Weinstein (there are quite probably not that many) get their due exposure. I think that to push the mandolin a bit, exposure of this kind is very necessary. I say, well done.

    Since I am playing music bluegrass style I am not proficient in jazz like chord melodies. Itīs quite a different dialect to me that I have not mastered well so far. Yet I very much apreciate any sound discussion about these matters. Thereīs a recent thread by Aaron Weinstein about chord melodies ( It could lead to some high level discussion if it gets off the ground.

    I really like chord melodies on any string instrument.

    And Aaron Weinstein reading..., thatīs the kind of humor that catches the audience.

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    For those interested in picking Aaron's brain in a different format, he will be on the staff of Django in June, New England's premier gypsy jazz educational experience. See:

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    How very cool. What a wonderful, inspiring article. And the bowtie thing is awesome! Tying a bowtie neatly is quite a trick!

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    Well, I've got the bowtie thing down, now I just need to master the "playing brilliantly" part. I'm halfway there!
    If I call my guitar my "axe," does that mean my mandolin is my hatchet?

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    Great interview.

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    His playing so captivated me that I found I could not read the interview and listen at the same time, as you suggest in the intro. Beautiful.

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    Default Re: 10 Questions for Aaron Weinstein

    Sheer brilliance. The virtuoso playing on both instruments; that reading made me laugh so hard I frightened the dog.

    Thanks for the interview, Ted!

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