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Thread: Pick thickness

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    Mike, the noise is noticeable, but I haven't decided if it's a deal-breaker or not yet. Actually, while I was experimenting this week, I also picked up a set of the Gibson Sam Bush strings to try rather than my usual J74s, and the pick noise was way less on the Gibsons strings that the D'Addarios, especially with the pointier style of V-pick, so I guess string material influences how your pick attack sounds as well (Monel steel vs Phosphor bronze, in this case, the bronze bringing out the "chirp" more).
    I'll probably try the Wegen triangle soon, it's still a pretty approachable price range (holding out on Blue Chips till I get a more expensive mandolin )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Snyder View Post
    I wrung out the V-picks a year or so ago, Matt, and could not abide the noise. Didn't matter what angle of attack I used, great tone, but too much squeek. I went to a Wegan Trimus 250, and never looked back. If BC puts out an 80 thickness in a big triangle like the Trimus I'll have to have a used pick sale to finance one.
    I've tried several V-picks, including the Tremolo model. I bought a couple of the heavier 351-style models and drilled some grip holes in them. I've never had pick noise issues with any of the V-picks that I've tried, but the problem I have with the thicker ones is that there is no bevel on them. Otherwise, they're a little light, but OK, except if you drop one (especially in dirt or grass).

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    Well,after over 12 months of using Wegen Bluegrass picks,yesterday i decided to go back to trying out one of my 'dime a dozen' Pick Boy picks. They're thin, 1mm white plastic, with the US flag printed on one side of them. I used thin picks when i first got my Weber & they sounded good to me,at the time. However the Wegens gave me a 'tighter','punchier' sound (to my ears that is).
    My biggest trouble,being behind the instrument i'm playing, is that a lot of the time i don't hear myself too clearly ie. very distinct notes. They all sound a bit 'removed' from me. I dug out one of my old picks & what a revelation. Yes,they do sound a bit 'thin' maybe,but the clarity was incredible.For the first time in a long time,i could really hear myself play all crystal clear notes.
    I used one last night at my weekly Folk Club picking session & was amazed that i could hear myself over the usual 2 Banjos, 3 Guitars,2 Fiddles & Accordion. One of my picking buddies even remarked that he could hear me,& that's not happened before. I think thast i'm going to stick with the thin picks for a while & evaluate them against the Wegens,but for hearing myself play,there's only one winner,
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    yesterday i rcvd my three ordered V-picks and and a free complimentary one they threw in for me to try. nice. great super quick service from these folks.

    i got the large rounded (2.75 thick) and the freakishly large rounded (i believe 3.0) and their large triangular (2.75)...they threw in a med ultra light pointed that i'll give to a friend who uses thinner picks.

    so far i notice no problems with squeak/chirp and my initial take on 'em...well, i think for some reason they feel thicker than they are.

    one of the picks i regularly use is a WEGEN 3.5 Gypsy and to me...these feel at least that thick for some reason!

    i think i'll get out the sandpaper and put a bevel on one of them.
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    I play Irish trad music pretty much exclusively and for the past year I've been using a Blue Chip TD35 and absolutely love it. It's a teardrop shaped pick, but I play with the rounded shoulder edge. Reading several of these posts where folks say they've contacted Blue Chip to have a particular shape/thickness of pick made for them makes me want to do the same - I would love one of their more rounded shaped picks (no pointy end) in the TD35's thickness (.88 ish I think...) For myself I prefer picks in the .88 - 1.0 range for playing trad, any thicker than that and I find there isn't enough snap to my triplets and any thinner than that and I find that the pick drags a bit on the strings and slows me down, plus the tone and volume suffer to my ears as well with anything thinner than .88.


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    Default Re: Pick thickness

    Depends on the sound I want. I usually bring a Fender 358 heavy (1mm, I think), Dunlop Jazz III (1.38mm), and a Wegen 3.5mm

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    Default Re: Pick thickness

    I recently switched to the Pro Plec-1.5mm. They are cheap and sound great!

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