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Thread: Eastwood airline mandola

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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    No financial interest on my part:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here's the on-line store's link to the mandola.
    c.1965 Harmony Monterey H410 Mandolin
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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    i'm so tempted. has anyone played this in CGDG .... I'd like to have a go at that... bit torn between this and the warren ellis tenor... tempted to be back into the electric sound, but really not into six strings (might have a pop at DADGAD though!)
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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    ideal Eastwood mandola?
    upgraded humbucker with push/pull knob coil tap.
    1st three pairs in octaves (smallest course in unison).
    My friend has a 70's Manson electric mandola with three single coil PU's and a 5 position selector switch strung like jangles like a mofo.

    I'm tempted to get one of these and make the mods (any pickup suggestions?)
    cut the nut, figure out string gauges, put in the coil tap....
    It's either that or a $1600 elctric Mann (he makes 'em pretty)

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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    I bought one in the summer, all ok but something didn't feel 'right' just made it into an octave with strings-052/ 038/ 026/014 as a four string...adjusted intonation, action fine....and now it really rocks ! Thought a black scratchplate looked better too, it matches the headstock. Best wishes from southern England xxx
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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    one is for sale at demo price free ship at eastwood
    right now

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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    Quote Originally Posted by Geeky View Post
    Oooh, I got my upgraded pickguard. Next, I have a SD Custom Mandolin Mini Humbucker on order and a "cool little knob" for the split and push pull volume.Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi, tell us how it's going now with new p/up please. cheers.
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    Default Re: Eastwood airline mandola

    Seeing this thread bubble to the top is certainly timely. I just got notice that my seafoam green airline mandola just arrived at my house. Work will now pass extremely slowly.
    Looking forward to hearing if anyone has had any more recent luck with modifying these guys...

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