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Thread: Source for value of Alvarez A700

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    Default Source for value of Alvarez A700

    My father bought an Alvarez A700 new in 1981 and since no one in the family plays a mandolin we are considering selling it. Is there an online source where we might find the value in considering a selling price of this instrument. It is in pristine condition. We even have the original sales ticket. I have done a google search of the instrument and haven't come up with anything.

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    Just going through the process of getting one of these late '70's A700 mandos "by" Alvarez.

    Talked to a fellow at Elderly and he said ~ $700...nice ring to it eh? That would not take into account their 20% comm. plus shipping and inspection on a 30+ year old instrument.

    I think the street value is somewhere between $350-$600...

    Hope this helps.

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    wow freaky i was getting on here to ask if anyone had idea of app. value of an A700. my buddy has one and was wondering. i found several A900s for 4 to 700, but nothing on the A 700. i guess i was at the right place at the right time. thanx guys.

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    I had an early 80's A800 for 10 years. Bought it as a factory second in 1983, the "second" status caused by some faily minor clouding of the finish up around the scroll. The list was about $1,100, which was overpriced, but they were routinely sold new for about $800 and I got the factory second for $400. After 10 years of hard, but not abusive, playing, I got $400 for it on a trade. Last year, I was in a workshop and another participant had my old A800, no mistaking it, now pretty beat up, but still playing and sounding good. Given the recession, I would not disagree with the $350-600 range above for an A700, although I would tend to the low end of that. The competition in that price range is pretty stiff nowadays.

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    thanks guys, that gives me a good idea of value. I have the hard case also for it. Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Source for value of Alvarez A700

    FWIW VG Price Guide 2010 says $400-500.

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