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Thread: RIP Rich Collopy - Bay Area Luthier

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    Default RIP Rich Collopy - Bay Area Luthier

    Rich was a luthier in San Francisco. He owned Collopy Guitars in San Francisco and was a extremely nice man. Never over charged, was always more than helpful.

    he set up my first mandolin and offered me some great advice and tips. He looked at my real first mando made of particle board and snicked when i asked if it was worth trying to make playable. he was a good man.

    He set me up a few times after but was always super nice and friendly.

    As mandolin players you know that finding a good "go to guy" can be hard. San Francisco bay area doesn't have many options, I don't know where I will go next. (if anyone has any ideas/recommendations please message me)

    Play your softest melody, or your fastest pick tune for Rich tonight, knock back a beer or two, and think of all the amazing instruments he set up over his life and all the joy and love that music brought to every one.

    Ah the power of music.

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    Default Re: RIP Rich Collopy - Bay Area Luthier

    I'm pretty sure Rich Collopy died back in August - just wanting to let folks know this as the OP's post makes it sound as if this was a recent event. Google search lists Aug 3, 2009 as the date of his death. Not being disrespectful to the dead, just clarifying facts here.


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    Default Re: RIP Rich Collopy - Bay Area Luthier

    I just found out. I had no idea.

    Thank you!

    My bad, honestly I just found out. thought it WAS recently. My bad everyone.

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