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Thread: "A" Bender option for electrics

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    Andrew -- All of the stringbender systems I'm familiar with rely on some mechanical system to raise the pitch of the string, and then rely on the combination of (a) releasing the mechanism and (b) the string tension to lower the pitch back to "normal."

    So in theory a cable could work.That said, I'm hard-pressed to envision a cable-based design that would work effectively.

    Maybe part of it is that most benders I'm aware of (the exception is the Parsons acoustic guitar version) are made to be inserted into channels routed in a solid-body instrument, rather than into a hollow-body instrument.
    Think of it in terms of a rope pull start on a lawn mower. You pull on the cable and it spends the wheel then a spring returns the wheel to its starting position. On the mandolin, you would attach the ball to the wheel so it is spun a bit when the cable which is attached to the strap is pulled. Does that make sense?

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    Here's a link to the pedal driven Gretsch/ B-bender with :

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    Lots of great info on this list! I just saw that someone was trying to get $3K for one of the Stew-Mac A-benders on Ebay a couple weeks ago. I don't think so! I am looking for a 5-string with a bender however. I have an old hipshot around the house, which someone mentioned here, so maybe I will try that if I can't come up with a dedicated Parsons/White or a Glasser type mando. The hipshot worked fine on my Tele, but I hated having to stand up and play to use it. Maybe on a much smaller instrument I can figure out some way to use it while sitting down. Anyway, it would sure be the cheapest way to go. Thanks again to all of you for the good info and ideas!

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    Well, I've heard alot of good stuff on this subject, and will most likely get around to doing something one day. However, it is not on the top of my list of things to do. Thanks for all the responses.

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    I would definitely be interested in an 5-string with an a-bender, if the cost weren't prohibitive, i.e. for me that would be over $1200 or so.

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