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Thread: Ibanez M522SBS

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    Exclamation Ibanez M522SBS

    Looking to purchase my second mandolin. Have only been playing the mandolin
    one year. First mandolin is a Rouge would like to upgrade. Saw the new 522
    on line for 299.00. Anyone Know about this instrument or I Would like to hear
    anyone's thoughts on this.

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    Default Re: Ibanez M522SBS

    Probably not much of an upgrade (if any) from your Rouge.

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    Default Re: Ibanez M522SBS

    Do you mean Rogue (rather than Rouge)??

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    In lookin at the ad for that mandolin I don't see that as anywhere near the quality of the earlier 60's-70's models. If you're not sold on the F style you'd be better served looking at some of the Kentucky A models that are available. Otherwise you might want to play the Rogue for a while longer and save up to get to an Eastman 505.
    "Bargain instruments are no bargains if you can't play them". These are the words of J. Garber.

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    Hey, I was looking at this mando at Guitar Center today and had a chance to play it.

    My thoughts: Its sounds ok. It is loud but it lacks a certain warmth that I like. Also, the neck felt really large compared to my Johnson which isn't bad, just different. Lastly, it felt to me that the strings were really far apart, the gap between pairs of strings was probably 2-3 milimeters more than the gap on my Johnson.

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