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Thread: Buzz on 5th fret D String

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    Hi guys,
    I just had my action lowered by a professional and when I played it in the store everything seemed to be alright. However, when I got home (I live over an hour away), the 5th fret on the D string buzzes. The funny thing is that it is only the top of the 2 D strings that buzz. How should I go about fixing this? Thanks everyone and God bless you all!

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    Start by walking yourself through the Buzz Diagnosis page. You can find it here.
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    If you fret the fifth fret and it buzzes, then it is likely actually buzzing on the sixth or higher fret. Check that none of those frets past the fifth are sticking out more than the others or have come loose and if they haven't, then you can just raise your bass side bridge-action a half turn or so. Loosen off your G & D strings a little to make it easier to turn the wheel.
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    Thanks for your help so far guys! Is there a way to check to see if one of the frets is higher than the others without just looking? I don't know that I can tell simply by looking at it. Also, it's just the top D String that buzzes on the fifth fret, the bottom of the two D Strings doesn't buzz at all. Is that strange? If it is a high fret, is that something that I can fix? Thanks everyone!

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