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    Quote Originally Posted by Verne Andru View Post
    I've been able to tune a small guitar in straight 5th's - Eb Bb F C G D - and quite like it.

    When I capo at the 2nd fret I get F C G D A E.

    It's a 19" Les Paul Pee Wee which can be found on local craigslist pretty cheap sometimes.
    Just to note, you can tune the Pee Wee, with its 19" scale length, to CGDAEB for octave mandolin (middle four strings), mandocello (bottom four strings) and fifths-tuned cittern (bottom five strings), and capo at the fifth fret for mandolin (top four strings) and mandola/tenor guitar (middle four strings).

    I use special strings to reach the high B4 on my 25.5" instruments, but I can just use regular strings of the appropriate gauges for B4 on my mini 19" scale length instruments.
    Playing a no-point 14-fret-to-the-body oval-hole with scroll, a Flatiron 1SH mandola (original owner), a McNally Ukulele Strumstick in CGDA mandola tuning, a McNally 4-string Chromatic Strumstick in GDAE octave mandolin tuning, and rocking my six-course, unison-tuned 12-string Ovation mandophone/extended cittern in CGDAEB Full Fifths Tuning...

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