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Thread: John Pearse Gone

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    Default John Pearse Gone

    The following was posted on the Acoustic Guitar Forum this morning:

    John Pearse is gone...


    John Pearse was one of the true geniuses I've had the great good fortune to know. John died late last night at a medical facility near his home in Besigheim, Germany. John left behind his wife Linda, his adopted son, and his former wife and longtime business partner Mary Faith Rhoads.

    John Pearse was more than just a genius, more than just a charming man, more than just a terrific musician - he was a true friend and mentor to me and many others.

    John had been ill for some time now, bedridden and in the hospital. But he somehow rallied, time after time. It's still hard to believe that he didn't quite rally this time around, he didn't make back from the brink as he had before.

    Logically, of course, I knew John's death had to happen sooner or later. But emotionally it's as though I've been kicked in the solar plexus, and can't quite recover my breath, or believe that it's really happened...

    I can't begin to tell you how often John made a difference in my life, or how much I learned from him. Unless he was away from home, off gallavanting at a trade show, I could always get him on the phone, and we'd talk guitars and string alloys and delve endlessly into the musical minutia that delighted us both.

    John was always charitable, if not necessarily diplomatic, and his good humor shone through everything he said and did.

    It was an honor and a privilege to have known him. It enriched my life and my spirit simply to have been able to rely on him as a friend.

    When I have more details about the memorial services, I'll post them.

    Wade Hampton Miller

    I've used his strings for years on my guitars and I was just about to put a set on my mandolin. I hope his efforts don't die with him.
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    Default Re: John Pearse Gone

    Sad news. I've loved his strings and other products for years.


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    Default Re: John Pearse Gone

    Sad... I too have used his strings...I normally keep a few sets around to use as an alternate to my regular strings...

    His strings and the music they make is a great legacy to leave

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