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Thread: Blank Chord Sheet

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    Default Blank Chord Sheet

    I thought you all might find a blank chord sheet useful.

    When I'm not playing music, my "day job" is running a marketing/advertising/advertising agency in Amarillo. If there's something that would be of use to the group that I haven't thought of, please let me know, and I'll see if I can create/post it.


    - Brad
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    Default Re: Blank Chord Sheet

    Can you put a single marker at the 5th fret instead of a double one?
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    Default Re: Blank Chord Sheet

    Ted Eschliman provides a chord grid on his site here.

    Frankly I prefer ones without dots at all. That allows you to number the top fret and play in the upper positions. There is one here.

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    Default Re: Blank Chord Sheet

    I find using the "already made" chord charts have the same problem as using blank tab sheets made for mandolin-----you write the number over the line. That becomes a problem with my poor handwriting and old eyes. I can't read my own scribbling.

    I just use regular staff paper and use the spaces for strings. For chords I just draw frets like they were bar lines. I find the "elementary" examples (for beginners and kids, I guess) have wider spaced lines and are easier to use.

    It's also easier for me to read if I print the blank tab lines in red.

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    Default Re: Blank Chord Sheet


    Thank You. This sheet has better resolution and is easier on the eyes than my MS Word version.


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