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Thread: Where are you from?

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Central New York, Midcoast Maine, now Southern Maine.
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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Cleveland, TN
    Morristown, TN
    Jefferson City, TN
    Knoxville, TN
    Mt Juliet, TN
    Oak Flats, NSW Australia
    Dapto, NSW
    Kiama Downs, NSW

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico 1961
    Hemet, California 3yrs early 60's
    Dallas, Texas for 6yrs
    Cuba, New Mexico for a summer
    El Progreso, Honduras for a summer
    Albuquerque, NM through high school
    Orillia, Ontario for the summer
    Anchorage, Alaska for 6 months
    Palmer, Alaska for 6 months
    Wasilla, Alaska for 2 yrs
    Albuquerque, NM
    Lincoln City, Oregon for a year
    Edgewood, New Mexico since the 1980's
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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Oxon Hill, MD
    Salem, MA
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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Born in East LA (heh heh) Baton Rouge General Hospital, Baton Rouge, LA
    Watson, LA 1955
    Port Vincent, LA
    Gonzales, LA
    Breaux Bridge, LA
    Dallas, TX 1984
    Grand Prairie, TX
    Irving, TX
    Godley, TX
    Dallas, TX
    Clyde, TX
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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Born in Raleigh, NC. Mom’s from Mt Airy, Dad from Statesville. Moved to Atlanta when I was 2 and Chestertown, MD when I was 5. I ended up in Chicago for the sake of work and a girl. Maybe if I’d grown up in NC I would’ve started mandolin and banjo before I was 50...

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    I live in West Yorkshire, England. The same area all my life but diferent villages, now a small town.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbyron View Post
    Central Maine

    Hey, TB, I've been in Augusta since 2000, but it wasn't always so. My list, more or less chronologially:

    New York, NY
    Cincinnati, OH (several addresses)
    Rye, NY
    Falmouth, MA
    Venice, CA
    Oakland, CA (several addresses)
    Berkeley, CA (several addresses)
    Las Vegas, NV
    Berkeley, CA (several addresses)
    Byram, CT
    Port Chester, NY
    Highland Park, NJ
    Greenwich, CT (several addresses)
    Kibbutz Parod, Israel
    Rowayton, CT (several addresses)
    Silvermine, CT
    New York, NY (several addresses)
    White Plains, NY
    Hamden, CT
    Hartford, CT
    West Harford, CT
    Providence, RI (several addresses)
    Baltimore, MD
    Boston, MA
    Portland, ME (several addresses)
    South Portland, ME
    Portland, ME (several addresses)
    Blue Hill, ME
    Portland, ME (several addresses)
    Augusta, ME (several addresses)

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Quote Originally Posted by BluesPreacher View Post
    27-28: Strandburg, South Dakota (No one else has heard of it either.)
    Amazing where the preachers get sent, isn't it?

    Valley City ND
    Bismarck ND
    Almost 20 years in Livingston, MT
    I am currently in South Shore, SD on the shores of Beautiful Punished Woman Lake so yes, I know where Strandburg, SD is as well as Troy, Albee, Revillo and Stockholm.

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Philadelphia, PA
    Dresher, PA
    University Park, PA
    El Cerrito, CA
    Tucson, AZ
    Louisville, CO

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    Born & raised in Boston, MA
    Summer home in Waterboro, ME
    Norfolk, MA
    Weymouth, MA
    Sebastian, FL
    Fellsmere, FL
    Marshall, NC
    Moving to Las Vegas, NV

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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    I split my time between NYC and the Hudson Valley.

    My family's originally (and still) from Maine and Pennsylvania, but I grew up on Long Island. Settled in Brooklyn long before that was a popular thing to do, and now am outta there and in the Hudson Valley, and playing gigs there, as much as possible.
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    Default Re: Where are you from?

    I’m a child of a Marine, and moved ever few years during childhood...moved to MT at 15
    Camp LeJune, NC
    Sun Prairie, WI
    Leavenworth, KS
    Coronado, CA
    Stuttgart, (then West Germany)
    Quantico, VA
    Bozeman, MT (last 29yrs.)
    2007 Weber Custom Elite "old wood"
    2017 Ratliff R5 Custom #1148
    Several nice old Fiddles
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    Too many microphones

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