I have a few recordings of U.Srinivas - loved the "Modern Mandolin Maestro" CD, especially "Folk Note", was amazed by his playing on the stunning version of McLaughlin's "Lotus Feet" from Shakti's "The Believer", was moved by his and U.Rajesh's wonderful version of "Raghupathi Raghava Rajaram", from the "Maestros In Concert" DVD. Though the DVD is fairly poor quality, it was worth buying it for that track alone! Wasn't quite so keen on his collaboration with Michael Brook on "Dream", though there are a couple of special moments on that CD too.

I've just received Mandolin U.Rajesh's new CD "Into The Light" and this is rapidly becoming my favourite CD of the moment. Stunningly good and ecstatic mandolin playing from U.Rajesh, along with very tasteful piano playing from Anil Srinivasan. Love the whole CD but favourite tracks at the moment are: 1. Shadows, 3, Annapoorne, 5. Rainwalk, 6. Saraswati 7. Sacred Fires & 8. Devi. Oh how I wish I could achieve that level of expression and emotion in my electric playing!

Any recommendations for other great Indian/Carnatic mandolin CD's that I might have missed?