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Thread: Nelia's Dance

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    (no mando content, sorry)

    I read this article
    and it made me wonder if Nelia Hyatt is the Nelia in the #title of the Bryan Sutton instrumental 'Nelia's Dance', off his cd "Bluegrass Guitar"?

    I love the melody - (Handsome Molly with a twist), and Bryan is one of the finest pickers on the planet, IMHO.
    Clark Beavans

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    Roots66 link

    You are right . I have listened to the tune a hundred times and didn't realize it was a Sutton original - if there is such a thing as an original fiddle tune. It also reminds me of one I've heard called "Going across the Sea", which from the title might also be related somehow to Handsome Molly .

    BTW, of course there's mandolin content - Tim O'Brien plays mando on the album and does a great solo on this tune, too.
    Jeff Rohrbough
    "Listen louder, play softer"

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