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    Tell me about Morris mandos made in Japan. #I seem to have won one on ebay. Looks from the 70's or 80's. #Already have one of Howards, #who is this # # #one?

    Fatt-dad, you stayed out of this one, that has me worried....

    I can feel Dale roll his eyes....

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    This is truly an unknown mandolin. I'll post a review when I get it.

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    scroll Morris
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    I think I've heard of these but can't track anything down but this Japanese website that has a Morris guitar and mando for sale:
    More Morris
    Arches F4 / Newson F5
    Crump B1 / Old Wave GOM

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    I started with a Morris similar to the one Jim M. linked to. It has a laminate top that has sunk to the point of unplayabilty and a fiberglass back. Judging from the script on the peghead it looks like it's the same company as the one Neal is asking about.

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    Hmm, encouraging.......Jim, I saw that site, too, can't seem to find anything on Morris except that stuff. #Peterfonda, you're right, a lot of the ones I've seen look like they might cave, I just hope that its like the old ibanez. #

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    Still no knowledgeable folks out there? Well, about this one anyway...

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    I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here, but I got the Morris MF-600 on St. Paddy's day(also my anniversary to a lovley Irish lass named Nancy) #And on first inspection, it was in almost pristine condition for a 20 or so year old mandolin. #Some oxidation around the wheels on the bridge and the pickguard post, but otherwise beautiful. #The carving is, in my eye very well done, as evidenced by the scroll pic above.

    Strings were old, setup needed to be done, so I just finished that aspect a few hours ago, put new J74's on it and raised the bridge some, intonated the little beast, and have been playing untill just now. #

    Tonewise, it's different than my Morris F4, which is what I wanted. #I am at a loss for superlatives to describe the tone except to say it's loud without the sustain of my other Morris. #It plays like buttah. #Rounded neck as opposed to the v neck on the Howard Morris. #

    In all, it's different, but in a great way. #I did try to take the pickguard off, but the screw on the rim post is a bit corroded, so I put it back on. #

    Workmanship is excellent, probably comparable to the 80's Kentuckys. #I'll post pics soon, and would appreciate any comments, negative or positive that you all have.

    This ain't the Morris Iampeterfonda had, that's fer sure.

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    Some info from the guys that made 'em as follows from an email exchange:

    Hello Neal,

    I got the information about the MF600 from Morris factory. The following is a detail;

    Model: MF-600

    Top: Solid Spruce

    Body: Solid Maple

    Neck: Maple

    Machine Head: GOTOH

    It was the hand crafted mandolin and about 120,000 yen (=$1,100.00) for retail value at that time.

    I hope this may be helpful for you.



    Morris Guitars

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    Default Morris Mandolin

    Morris Guitars Japan opened in 1972 (March).
    Located in Matsumoto City in Nagano Prefecture.
    within Japan: 0263-25-0793 from outside Japan: +81-263-25-0793
    Japanese web site is:
    US distributor is:
    They seem to have stopped making mandolins.

    Japan Wiki site link:

    I used: モーリスのフラットマンドリン
    to search for Morris Mandolin, but it did not work so well, since they are now no longer associated with making Mandolins!

    I had better luck when I looked for Morris Guitars !

    This all came up because my daughter wants a mandolin and there was a Morris on auction on the Japanese Yahoo auction site. So in the process of doing quick research I realized that there is also a "Morris" maker of mandolins in Oregon as well as a Japanese "Morris".

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    Default Re: Morris Mandolin

    I got a call from my son the other day about a Morris guitar and he wanted to know if I knew anything about the builder. I said that as far as I knew a Morris is manufactured in Japan. He was surprised because he thought that the guitar he was looking at was handmade... and then out of the blue someone does a posting and mentions a luthier in Oregon named Morris. I haven't been able to find anything about this Oregon Morris. If I could be directed there I'd appreciate that.
    Morris guitars disappeared for a decade or so. They started showing up again maybe 5-6 years ago and are making some pretty nice guitars in the 3 to 5k range. I don't know if it is the same people running it but the guitars I saw were a whole cut above what they were doing during the 70's Japanese guitar invasion.

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